Envelope Sweater






• Pattern: Envelope Tee from Growing Up Sew Liberated by Meg McEwlee
• Fabric: Body: Thrifted 100% wool cabled pullover, Sleeves: Thrifted 100% wool sweater. Binding: Thrifted cashmere {also used here}
• Size: 12 months
• Date: November 2012

Out of all the things I’ve made for Charlie, this has probably gotten the most use. (Maybe only second to her coat?) It is super easy to throw on over a onesie + shirt, and being grey, it matches pretty much everything in her wardrobe. Even though the original pattern is for a tee, the 12 month size fits our tiny girl well as a top layer.

I pre-felted the wool (washer + dryer) before cutting and sewing with it, and to make the sewing/finishing better (+ easier!), I cut the pieces from the bottom of the fabric so the ribbing on the original pieces would become the ribbing on the cuffs and hem of the finished pieces. in the few times I’ve washed it, I’ve just treated it like I would any other hand knit – a quick soak in some wool wash, a wringing out in a towel and draped over a radiator to dry overnight.


And this kid is MOVING. No more sitting quietly while I try to shoot a few smiling picks.


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