Toms-Inspired Shoes





• Pattern: Toms-Inspired Baby Shoes by Leisha from Homemade Toast
• Fabric:  Outer: 100% wool herringbone {also featured here} // Lining: Seaside by October Afternoon
• Size: 12-18 mos.
• Mods: Omitted triangle elastic, homemade back “tag”
• Date: March 2013

I’m not entirely sure how I happened upon the pattern for these ridiculously adorable shoes {I think it was garment house‘s pinterest, maybe?}, but the second I saw them, I downloaded it. I a total sucker for the kids and babies Tom’s, but since Charlie can’t walk yet, we really haven’t gone deep into shoe-land. When she does, though…oh, boy.

I first made the 6-12 mos size, as that is what she wears in everything else, but she must have long skinny feet because they were way too short. As is, the 12-18 mos size is almost too short and a little wide,so there is quite a bit of extra fabric on the sides. Due to the elastic in the back, they actually stay on pretty well, but when I make them again, I’ll make the bottom a little thinner and the back a little higher. I’m already scheming fleece ones for next fall.


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