Double Knit Leggings






• Pattern: Self-drafted leggings
• Fabric:  orange + yellow double knit (outside = polkadots, inside = stripes) from JoMar*
• Size: 12 months
• Date: April 2013

Inspired by Kids Clothes Week, I did a *ton* of sewing for Charlie in April. Unfortunately, we had to go out of town for work during the official “week”, so I missed the last few days and lost momentum, but it was still fun.

These pants/leggings were a result of my desire to try pattern drafting. Armed with a pair of thrifted Hanna Anderson leggings that gets heavy rotation, I traced the leggings, added what I thought was appropriate seam allowance and went to town. In hindsight, they could have been a little longer, but the fit is good, they have a lot of stretch, and I think they’ll work through the summer, even if they turn into capris.

The tunic she is wearing is one of two embroidered smocks from Mexico I bought for $2/each at one of the surreal-yet-amazing consignment sales in convention centers they have around here a few times a year.

*aka the Weirdest and Most Amazing Fabric Store in Philadelphia


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