Roly-poly along:

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to sign up for a blog tour hosted by Rachael (of Imagine gnats) featuring her fantastic new pattern, the Roly-Poly Pinafore. I sewed up the pattern quickly with no difficulty at all in just a couple evenings, but finding the time to photograph the finished result on Charlie when I wasn’t traveling for work, the weather was warm enough and she was a) awake b) in a good mood was tough. Like “oh-my-gosh-it’s-already-the-29th!!” tough.


Luckily, at the last minute, yesterday was a warm and sunny day and Charlie had a great nap at daycare, which gave us some extra after-work hang out time. That good fortune, combined with her newfound love of climbing up + down (+ up….+ down..) our front steps made for a super fun little photoshoot.


Charlie’s version is sewn out of a grey stretch denim I got for a steal at Gaffney’s, and it is lined with seersucker, also a Gaffney’s find.


The pattern is easy to customize, can be made with or without pockets, and reversible or not. I added piping to the neckline and made the buttons and pockets out of the same fabric. (I can’t remember what it is called or where I got it, but it is geometric triangles, and I bought it last fall.)


In the midst of a hard-core piping-obsession, intended on adding it around the entire piece, but due to the fabrics I used it was too heavy and stiff.


In addition to the pinafore, I made a pair of self-drafted bloomers (traced from a pair she has from a stor bought dress) out of the seersucker so she can wear the pinafore mid-summer without a onesie when it gets crazy hot here in Philadelphia.




All in all, the pattern creates a little dress that is super cute, easy to make, fun to customize and super practical that I’m sure she’ll get a ton of use out of! In fact, it is so hot here – dare I say it, too hot to knit! – that I think I’m going to go upstairs and sew another one for her to wear this weekend.

• Pattern: Roly-Poly Pinafore by Rachael of Imagine Gnats
• Fabric: Outer: grey stretch denim, lining: grey + white seersucker. Buttons, piping + pockets: mystery quilting cotton
• Size: one year
• Date: April 2013

If you want to check out the full line-up of the incredible bloggers featured in the Roly-Poly-Along, check out the initial post by Rachael about the blog tour here!


6 responses to “Roly-poly along:

  1. Charlie looks so cute in that pinafore. I think she likes it too. You are so good at drafting your own patterns too.

  2. Your pinafore is just darling! This pattern looks so cute in every fabric that’s used! Your little one is so precious and a darling model. I have not used piping alot but I will have to give it a try, adds a neat detail. Thanks for sharing, wonderful job!


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