Peekaboo Bonnet


A new bigger bonnet to replace her teeny tiny one from last year that I tried to unsuccessfully shove on her head the first sunny day we had last month, resulting in a squished brain and some almost-popped seams.





This new one, in the  1T/2T size, is comically large (read: adorable), but it stays on her head, blocks the sun, and she’ll wear it for a decent amount of time before getting fed up. And, bonus, it will fit at least through this summer, if not next year as well.



I highly recommend the pattern, and would also suggest taking the extra tie and hand-stitch the final seam – it makes it fully reversible, and looks really nice. And, bonus: PIPING!

• Pattern: Peekaboo Bonnet by Rae Hoekstra
• Fabric: Outer: striped shirting from, you guessed it, Gaffney’s, lining: grey shirting. piping: mystery quilting cotton
• Size: 1T/2T
• Date: May 2013


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