Initially I wanted this to be a place where I quick-posted finished images of things I made for Charlie. {Hence the oh-so-clever title of this here blog}. Mostly for my reference, but also some to share the sewing part of my life, and also to share my little kiddo with friends far and wide who don’t happen to be on Facebook.

But things like life {new home-of-our-dreams purchase in need of a lot of work, the preparation of the sale of our current home, *still* in need of a decent amount of work}, work {new yarn, new pattern collection(s), managing a hugely popular KAL, trade shows, travel, teaching, etc}, and life in general {full time work + baby in daycare + traveling 14 days in June} means time for well-planned, well-timed, well-photographed, well-edited and properly written photographs and their accompanying post is next to impossible.


I have high hopes for July and August . For one, she’s walking now, and the days are light out later. And, bonus, we have two weeks of vacation coming up where someone is bound to have a decent camera on them at all times, and I’ll actually have more than a few fleeting moments in the mornings and evenings with my little Bean.

So I’m going to change gears a bit, and post in-progress things, too.

cat shorts.

And I’m also going to stick with it, and have hope, in time, I’ll be able to carve out my own little pocket in the internet here.


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