Hide + Seek Tunic


Like everyone else on the internet, I was very excited when the new spring line of Oliver + S patterns were released. I’ve been searching for a cute (but not too frilly) dress for Charlie to wear to a few weddings we have coming up, and had my heart set on using one of the fabrics from the Palos Verdes collection. When I saw the Hide + Seek Tunic, I knew it was the perfect match.


Since my goal was to create a dress to be worn at a specific date, I wanted to sew a wearable muslin to make sure the 2T was going to fit her just right this summer. This pink + green plaid cotton – bought at Loop’s (sadly closed) sister store, Spool, a few years ago – seemed like the perfect option for the dress, as it is lightweight and summery. The end result is a dress that isn’t too girly, but has a lot of cuteness. Since I was short on fabric, I lined the back yoke with some old pink and white quilting cotton from my stash that I’ve been hoarding.


The weather was out of control perfect this past weekend, so we took a trip to the Norristown Farm Park. It was one of the weirder – and impossible to find! – State Parks we’ve been to, but it was nice to walk around in the sunshine. In hindsight, I should have had her sit in the car in a different top, as the dress was wrinkled by the time we got there and got her out of her seat, but that’s life. (We also should have brought her stroller, and researched bathrooms, and brought her Bunny, and sunscreen, too….)


She loves the pockets. Sticking her hands in them, picking up weird nuts and seeds and putting them in them, trying to shove too-big-things in them.

The only modification I made was to only do one button in the back (and a “shee shee!” button at that), and omit the V in the front.

• Pattern: Hide and Seek Tunic by Oliver + S
• Fabric: Pink + Green plaid (maybe a Rowan Shot Cotton?), bought a few years ago.
• Size: 2T
• Date: March, 2014

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