Progress / Process


I’ve been crazy busy at work – one of our big trade shows is this weekend, and last weekend we taught at a retreat in Syracuse. (I realized this morning that I am on day 8 of 19 days straight of work.) Happily, a few of those days involved traveling to/from places, so at least I’ll be busy and have a minute here and there to relax.

Top to Bottom:
Another Oliver + S Hide + Seek Tunic, this time in the voile I’ve mentioned a few times. I cut, sewed + serged the whole thing a week ago, only to realize the lining I used was waaaay to heavy and the voile lost all integrity and drape. So, I unpicked the whole thing the next night in order to salvage the voile pieces. I think I found a lighter lining, and in the process came up with a better technique to install it so that there are many more enclosed seams. While trying to figure out what to do with the tunic, I cut out a Pleated Playsuit (I made one last summer and loved it) in one of my all time favorite fabrics, the Birch Storyboek Field Friends in Coral. For this version, I’m going to put snaps on the bottom and instead of the ties, I’m working out elasticized straps that button at the back.
• That pile of cut + taped PDF patterns looks like a mess, (because it is), but it is also a pile of new patterns I’m really excited about, mostly things  for myself and Owen. First up: the Thread Theory Jedediah Shorts.
•  After visiting Fancy Tiger at the beginning of the month, I got my hands on the Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt pattern. Since then, I’ve already sewn two up, and what you see above is my third. I have made a few alterations to the pattern – I graded the armholes / sleeves to match the Grainline Studio Scout T-Shirt, and I added elastic casing in the back to prevent the skirt from riding up. On this third version, I also omitted the middle front pleat and I’m adding pockets.


Thanks for your patience during my silence last week – but I’m happy to announce a winner from my From Mama, With Love contest! I asked my office-mate, Leah, for a number between 1-18, and she picked 16, so Katie S, you win! email me at kate {at} kelbournewoolens {dot} com with your selection and address so I can send you your Organik!


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