all the things.


I desperately love our new home, but we’ve been battling the yard all spring, and there are more days I’ve been suffering with poison ivy in the last two months than not. One bout even required a trip to Urgent Care and a dose of steroids. For someone already prone to anxiety and insomnia, steroids + I were an terrible pairing. And the hunger, oh the hunger.

I love working in the yard, but after trying (and failing) to do both yard work + scrub myself clean enough to *not* get the rash, I’ve begun to come to terms with the fact that I can’t go out there until all of the areas where the vines are growing have been cleared out by someone else. So now they, and the remaining perennials waiting for their new homes, taunt me.


My mad Charlie sewing rush has tapered a bit. She’s growing up, up, up, and not out, so a lot of patterns in her waist size (2T) aren’t fitting her length (3T or even 4T), and I don’t have the time to devote to completely re-working existing patterns. These shorts, while adorable on their own, ended up being too small for her. It’s also hot as hades, so 9 times out of 10, she goes to daycare in a tank and knit shorts, only to wear swimmies most of the day while there. I’m looking forward to fall, when I can sew her pants and dresses that aren’t so season (and size) specific.


We’re doing a feature at KW called Crochet Summer. It has been really fun to set aside time for crochet, even if I only consider myself to be an advanced-beginner (at best). I think the thrill of learning and mastering a new craft is what drew me to sewing so strongly this past year. For the last 6 years, knitting has been my *job*, while sewing is my hobby. Crochet is finding itself snuggly in the middle of the two – it is job-related, but without the pressure of having everything I make turned into a publishable¬†design.


I went through a Merchant + Mills Dress Shirt sewing binge in April, and July seems to be Grainline Studio Alder Shirtdress month. My first version is out of Kaufman Carolina Chambray I’ve had in my stash for almost two years, with the yoke lining, under collar, and armhole binding in Nani Iro Bird’s Eye Monet in blue. I was this close to finishing last night until I realized I sewed all 9 buttonholes on the wrong side. Thankfully, I hadn’t cut the holes open yet, but ripping them out has proven to be a total pain. The way the dress is constructed, the right button band is much nicer (it is sewn on separately, so the seam + topstitching looks lovely) so I am determined to fix it and wear the dress. I am already daydreaming of a 2nd one, either in a linen I have stashed or another chambray.

— thanks for reading! – K


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  1. Oh our garden taunts me too… but no such good excuse as poison ivy, just because I turn my back to do something else (OK, sewing, knitting, crochet – the important things!) and it oh so quickly reverts back to the field I am desperately trying to drag it away from. Lovely sewing makes. And oh so brave to bring ice cream into such close contact with fabric!

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