Things for Me: Grainline Studio Alder/Archer Mashup

archer alder mashup09b
archer alder mashup02b
archer alder mashup03b
archer alder mashup04b

This is not my first Jen Beeman / Grainline Studio pattern, nor will it be my last. Her style is classic, her fit is perfect, and all of the small finishing details make me feel like I’m sewing a quality garment that not only looks handmade, but also looks nice enough to wear without immediately  screaming “I made this!” Her Scout Tee has become a wardrobe staple, (I think I have 5 complete now – all unblogged, but heavily worn) and now that fall is arriving (and I have this modified shirt front), the Archer is destined to become one as well.
archer alder mashup06b
archer alder mashup07b

This shirt is a mashup of two of Jen’s patterns – her newest, the Alder Shirtdress, and the aforementioned wildly popular Archer. I wanted a shirt I could wear in the summer that wasn’t a plain tshirt, but I wanted the more fitted front that the Alder provided, as the Archer is a much more loosely fit. It is mostly the Alder, with the back piece and the length of the Archer. The fabric is pretty far out of my comfort zone – white with gold sparkly stripes – but I totally love the end result.
archer alder mashup012b
archer alder mashup010bIn an effort to add a pop of color (and make it completely one-of-a-kind), The under collar, stand, and armhole bindings are all in the gorgeous Palos Verdes voile in “Wayfarers”. The voile was quite thin, so I added a bit of interfacing to all pieces of the collar, which added nice structure and shape. 

The only other alteration to the pattern(s) was that I cut the buttonhole band on the boas, partially because I was concerned about lining up all the vertical stripes, and partially because I think it looks cool. 

• Pattern: Alder Shirtdress + Archer Buttonup by Grainline Studio
• Fabric: Andover Fabrics Metallic Chambray in Whitegold and Palos Verdes Voile in Wayfarers, both purchased at Handcraft Workshop.
• Size: 4
• Date: August 2014


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